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2012   Republic Gallery“Lyse Lemieux: New Work”, Vancouver

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2006   Musée Marsil, Skinslips / Peau de Jupon” Curator/Director; Suzanne Chabot, St. Lambert, Québec

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1984   361 Water Street Studio, Installation; “Evidence ”, Vancouver

1983   361 Water Street Studio, Installation; “ Chez les Soeurs Blanches ”, Vancouver

1980   Surrey Art Gallery, “ Working in two spaces; Share Corsaut / Lyse Lemieux ”, Curator; Jane Young Surrey, BC

1979   Circle Art Gallery, ” Lyse Lemieux ”, Vancouver




2017   TrépanierBaer Gallery (TBG), Now Playing, Calgary, Alberta

2017   The Eternal Return of the New, Plaza Projects, Richmond, British Columbia  (Working title)

2016-17 Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver Special: Ambivalent Pleasures, Curators; D. Augaitis & J. McKee, Vancouver

2016-17 West Vancouver Museum, “A Decade Of Collecting”, West Vancouver

2016-17 Griffin Art Projects, Kitchen Midden, North-Vancouver

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1994   Harrington Gallery ,Vancouver

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1984   “Poco Rococo”, Curator; Or Gallery, Port Coquitlam, CA

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1978   Surrey Art Gallery, “Works in Transparent Media”, Curator; Rosa Ho, Surrey, CA

1978   Surrey Art Gallery, Curator; Jane Young, Surrey, CA




2017   PAPIER17: Montréal (Trépanier Baer, Calgary booth)

2014   PAPIER14: Montréal (Republic Gallery, Vancouver booth)

2013   PAPIER13: Montréal (Republic Gallery, Vancouver booth)




2017   Sutter Brook Development, Port moody, BC (Current finalist)

2016   Intergulf Development, Vancouver, CA (Awarded)

2015   Anthem Properties, Burnaby, CA (Finalist)




2016   Richmond Art Gallery, "Response to an exhibition; Two new works by choreographer/dancer Ziyan Kwan, "Dumb Instrument Dance". Response to the exhibition; "A girls Gotta Do What A Girls Gotta Do" Richmond, CA

2005   Vancouver International Dance Festival. À Fleur De Peau: The Skin Project “, A collaborative music, dance, and visual arts project by Marguerite Witvoet, Barbara Bourget, Lyse Lemieux Vancouver, CA




2017         VIVA Award 201, Outstanding achievement and commitment in the Visual Arts

2017         British-Columbia Arts Council, Project Assistance Grant

2017         Canada Council for the Arts, Project Grant

2016-17   British Columbia Arts Council, Mentorship Grant

2016         British Columbia Arts Council, Project Assistance Grant
2016         Canada Council, Project Grant
2015-17   Artspeak, Board of Directors, Vancouver

2008-06   Cabinet Interdisciplinary Collaborations, (Chair 2006-08)

2008-06   Canada Council, Inter-Arts Production Grant

2010-02   Member, Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal, Ottawa

1982         Canada Arts Council, B Grant

1981         Canada Arts Council, B Grant




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