shaped drawings   2013

tn shaped 1 green in two parts 2013 tn shaped 3 jupe entetee noire tn shaped 4 large torso in green ` shaped-6-large-torso--in-naples- tn shaped 9 large red figure in red tn shaped 10 green in two with fabric nov 2013 tn shaped 12 pink in two parts with striped frabric  tn shaped 14 pink head in two parts 1 tn shaped 15 red with open mouth tn shaped 16 rose jaune in two parts 72pdi tn-shaped-17-red-in-two-parts-with-felt-1 tn shaped 18 skirted figure with glasses 2012 tn shaped 19 something wrong about the mouth tn shaped 20 yellow figure in red    shaped-23-upside-down-spiral-woman--1-4---2014